The Red-headed Bullfinches – A Painting (Acrylic on Canvas) 15″ x 18″

Bull finchesSOM_4533 headerIt was the beginning of the monsoon season. We were birding along the Taluka – Naitwar road, a few kilometers from the Naitwar village, in the Govind National Park (Uttarakhand). Birding was slow, possibly due to the intermittent showers we had been having throughout the day. We were walking along a stretch of the road that travels through a nice broadleaved forest. The shade of the great trees made the forest floor quite dark.

We had just walked past a Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush, which was still calling and displaying to its’ mate, when we heard the soft whistles of a flock of Red-headed Bullfinches (Pyrrhula erythrocephala). We had just started to look up towards the forest canopy to locate the birds, when with a soft whirr, the flock landed on a mossy rock at the edge of the road, just a few yards from us. We stood absolutely still for a couple of minutes. The Bullfinches looked at us for a while, and then, deciding that we were not a threat, stared feeding on the moss that was growing the rocks.

We were with the Red-headed Bullfinches for the next twenty minutes. Although I couldn’t get very good photographs because of the poor light, the memory of this magical encounter is still fresh in my mind. This acrylic on canvas painting of the Red-headed Bull finches is an effort to share those moments.


Bull finchesSOM_4533

The Red-headed Bullfinches – a Painting

Acrylic on canvas 15″ x 18″


Closeups of some details of this painting.


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  1. An evocative moment very well shared in your painting Somu.
    Yes, the bullfinches put on a lovely show for us that day- hanging from creepers and feeding on the lichen / moss on the rock face.
    Sahdev Singh

  2. Beautiful painting, Somu Dada.

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