The White-bellied Redstart – A Painting (Acrylic on Canvas) 15″ x 18″

White Bellied Redstart SOM_4539 headingI saw this male White-bellied Redstart (Hodgsonius phaenicuroides) near Chitkul in the Baspa valley, Himachal Pradesh. It was skulking in the undergrowth, rummaging about in the dampness for insects. It would give fleeting glimpses and then disappear back into the shrubbery. I decided to sit very still and wait patiently.

After spending a very enjoyable half hour observing the antics of this bird, my patience was rewarded. The bird flitted out of the undergrowth and jumped onto a small rock in the adjoining flowering Ogla field (a type of buck-wheat that has beautiful pink flowers). It was there on the rock for a very short while, before it jumped back into the undergrowth. However, I was ready, and I did manage to get a few photograph.

The encounter is still very fresh in my mind and this painting is an attempt to share it.

White Bellied Redstart


The White-bellied Redstart – a painting

Acrylic on canvas 15″ x 18″


Closeups of some details of this painting.

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