Reflections in water – the transience of being : Abstract images of flowing water.

Flowing water is one of the oldest, and to my mind, the most apt metaphors for life. The constant movement, the transient forms, the impermanence, the unity, the apparent confusion, the unstopable progress, the inevitable immersion into the ocean … one could go on for ever.

Movement in water fascinates me. Sometimes, when I look closely, I can see the reflection of my own life in it. This gallery is a collection of such images. They capture a bit of the ever transient mystery of being. From being born: “the beginning”, to the final destination, “peace at last”.

the beginninglooking through the frosted glasslife beckonspatterns in chaosan infinity of choiceschasing the rainbowscalm before the stormrocks beneath the wavesthe stormriding the stormenjoying the roller coasterhighs and the lowsreflections of the pastflowing alonglooking backpoint of no returnpeace at last

Limited edition, museum quality fine art prints of images from this gallery are available for sale.
Contact me for details.

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  1. Ruchi July 3, 2015 at 1:27 am #

    They all are very beautiful! Liked this concept, so much to learn from flowing water. Loved your perspective! Indeed great work! 🙂

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