Moods of Shakti – Portraits of Indian women

“Moods of Shakti” is a tribute to the epic struggles and the eventual triumph of ordinary Indian women. Loosely translated, “Shakti” means power or energy in Hindi. “Shakti” is also the name of the divine female principle which provides energy to the whole universe.

This gallery houses a collection of portraits of Indian women. These portraits attempt to capture the moods, from despair to hope and  joy, of Indian women in their daily struggles. A result of a long term project, this gallery contains images captured over the past decade from different parts of India.



photocrati gallery

Limited edition, museum quality fine art prints of images from this gallery are available for sale.
Contact me for details.



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  1. It’s profound. Well thought. Well Executed. Loved it from the depth of soul! Today, other way around by means of yours this craft I actaully understood the real meaning of Women Empowerement!

  2. Very expressive and strength personified pictures. Each picture speaks a 1000 words ! Great work of art, Somu Dada !

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