Portfolio: Interesting dining areas

This portfolio contains images of beautiful dining areas.

These images were made over a span of many years while photographing professionally for my clients.


Some interesting dining areas

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  1. Brilliant colours, great composition, and personally, I like the way you kept the people out of the images ! Excellent work, Somu, must meet you some day . Are you coming to Bangalore, anytime?

    1. Thanks Girish. No plans for Banagalore, but you are right we must meet :-).

  2. The 5th snap for the amazing depth; Sundowners for the equisite composition. The 10th snap again for the composition as the eyes are drawn from the fire to the tent ropes. The 14th also for depth – but bit too bright? GREAT SNAPS. That you didnt include people in the snaps was on purpose?

    1. Nice to hear from you Shireesh, and thanks for the feedback. Yes, I deliberately did not include people in the photographs. But as Ansel Adams said, “There are always at least two people in a photograph, the viewer and the photographer.” Do keep in touch ;-).

  3. Beautiful. Especially the outdoors ones. Wish there were captions giving some hints about where these places are.

    1. Nalini thanks for stopping by :-). Have added the names of the places where these images were taken.

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