Artist’s statement

For me images are about emotions. The image and especially the print should communicate with the viewer on a subconscious level. The viewer should be able to clearly feel the message of the print when he views it.

While photographing something interesting I usually find myself  in a state of heightened emotional excitement. With experience I have found that greater the emotional turmoil while capturing the image, the higher the chances that the image captured will be successful. While making the print I try to capture these emotions on the paper. I think a fine art print is “successful” if, on viewing, it makes the viewer feel the way I felt while I was capturing it.

I have found that the process of making “successful” prints is not straight forward. There is no clear technique which always results in great prints. Each print is unique. To make good fine art prints, mastery over the tools of capturing (the camera) and the tools of printing (Raw processing, colour correction, the printer, media etc.) is a must. However, I find that mastery over the techniques is in itself not enough. Apart from good technique, artistic intuition is also important. In fact I find that the artistic aspect is more important than the technical aspect and it is definitely much more difficult to master.

The final prints are usually very different from what the camera captures. This is so because the camera sees the scene very differently from the human eye. While making the print, I try to bring the “image that the camera captured” as close to the “image that I saw” as possible.